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okay, so, i watched a tv program called "Witch Hunt" this evening. it was about people that had been falsely accused of sexual abusing their children as well as other children in the area and also a few of child porn. all of them were false accusations. now, obviously, nothing i am about to say is a biased opinion, as i was a victim of child sexual abuse(csa), but i saw a lot on there that made me angry.

for instance, the children who were "victims" were coached on what to say. they said, that the investigators and counsellors would sit there and say, did such and such happen to you? and when the child would say no, they would say, well, so and so saw it happen. i saw a lot wrong with this! besides the fact that the investigator just lied to the child in question, but they just confused and scarred this child for life! they looked at this kid and said, now, we don't want you to lie, but what we need you to do is lie. more than likely, the kids parents had instilled in him or her, not to lie, so they are sitting there thinking, "okay, i am not supposed to lie, but someone saw it happen, so it must have, right? so i will say it happened, cause it must have." they don't know whether they are telling the truth or lying. they've immediately been confused. they don't know whether they are coming and going.

then on top of that, these children grow up with that guilty conscience that, "why didn't they just tell the truth?!" "why didn't they do the right thing?!"

then there's the aspect, that the people who were accused, many of them lost YEARS of their lives. they lost houses, friendships, memories of their children's lives, milestones in their children's lives, they've lost pictures, home videos, friendships, their reputation, their dignity. they have gone through literal hell! and WHY?! because the government decided to stick their nose in business that wasn't theirs and now the people have to suffer for it. a relationship between a child and a parent is destroyed, and though they may reunite, that doesn't just go away!

i speak from many sides of my life, as i have seen so many people in my immediate family be falsely accused of things. some legal, some social, but none the less, they have gone through them. watching this program really just opened my eyes even more to the feelings that they have! i really couldn't imagine even now, being one that was accused of abusing my children, whether it be physical or sexual, but i do know that the on person i have in mind, the way i remember the person, would NEVER have touched their children in the way the other parent claims! and every time i see this family member, i just want to grab and hug them! they are scarred for life. WHY?! because someone isn't in their right mind. and because the government could give a flip about the accused, they think they're doing justice, but their not! now, i fear everyday, for my "little" family member's lives, because they're stuck with an idiot parent. if anyone did the abusing of their children, i think it was the parent that has them now! and i mean that whole heartedly! i tried to say that without a lot of detail being displayed, hope i was successful.

the point of this note, is to make people aware of things that goes on in everyday life. sure, you may not falsely accuse someone of abuse, or anything, but whether it is something that serious, or something minor, such as taking a drink of your soda, it is still a serious matter. we need to watch the words that come out of our mouth. why does everyone have to be "witches", as the program called these abusers. the basic idea of the title witch hunt, was back in the day, during the Salem Witch Trials. how suddenly EVERYONE was a witch. many people died innocently by being hung from a tree, why? because people thought they could accuse people of things just because "they thought" can't! NO THINKING! thinking gets us in trouble!!!!!!

how many times, do you do something and while you're getting lectured, or spanked, or whatever the punishment, and what are the usual words that come out of your mouth, "well, I THOUGHT...."


bottom line. quit thinking about other people, and worry about yourselves. what are you doing in your life that would cause someone to look at you and say, hey, i bet they're doing.....? huh?! what are your faults?! let's start taking the beam out of our own eye before we remove the mote out of someone else's. i mean, seriously, why do we live our lives thinking that it's our job to critique everyone? what gives us the license to be the police of everyone?! except you Brent, you have that license! LOL you know what i mean by this cuz, i don't mean literal. ;-)

anyways, i think my rant is done, but i may be back.

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