There's No Place Like Home


Posted by Philip R. McDavid | Posted on 7:06 PM | Posted in

Okay. So most of my friends know, I LOVE to wear cowboy boots. It has a lot to do with my scoliosis as the raised heel sets my spine, but today, another reason popped into my head. One to which I never paid attention to until then. I work at Starbucks, as most know, and so I deal with a lot of posh people ranging from business people, to just people who dress important to feel it. And it dawned on me a similarity in personality traits.

So there I stand, watching as the people click there way through the day, heads held high. But why? Most of them don't like how they live. They're unsatisfied with their houses, their cars, their families. So what gives them this feeling and attitude of importance?! I'll tell you what! Their shoes! Did you ever notice that if a person is wearing shoes to which the heels click when they walk, they feel important?! It gives them this feeling of power, that nobody has anything on them! They just feel so...I don't know, confident!

And let's look at another scenario. Wizard of Oz. What does Dorothy do to get home?! Clicks her heels. Why?! Cause everyone knows that heels that click is the answer to almost anything! DUH!!!

But anyway, just thought I would blog about my new findings and observations.