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Now, I hate food, so Thanksgiving, I kind of dread. BUT, I do love cooking!!! So this year, with me coming out, and being a Wiccan, and my family pretty much forgot I existed on purpose, I requested to my parents that they allow me to do Thanksgiving at our house. Since I am 22 years old, and once I am done with Beauty School, I plan to move away I won't be around forever, so we might as well take advantage of the holidays we have together. They agreed, and we invited some family over that we know don't have the money for holidays, and that we knew would be alone, and also that still liked me. LOL...anyway, yesterday I started to prepare the menu, and BOY can I not wait this year!

So far this is the menu:
lemon-herb roasted turkey
cranberry-pomegranate sauce
creamy spinach bake
green beans with bacon-walnut vinaigrette
broccoli-bacon casserole with cheesy mustard sauce
bacon twice baked potatoes
sweet potatoes with cinnamon honey
picnic potato casserole
gingerbread pumpkin trifle
peach melba molded salad
cranberry ribbon cheesecake
pumpkin-ginger pie with gingersnap streusal

Now, like I said, I hate food. I only eat cause I know I have to for survival. But I LOVE to cook! It's the one legacy I can carry on from my late grandmother and forever best friend, Alice Belle Thompson Work. When I am cooking, I feel her presence standing over me just like I was 9 again, when she first started teaching me to cook! I feel her warmth hovering over me, her hand on my shoulder, her voice in my ear telling me what to do. I feel her sweet sensitive spirit just enveloping the place with her joy, cheer, and love. When I'm in the kitchen, it allows me to remember, and relive the everyday lessons she would give me in cooking. My grandmother was the best cook on the face of the earth and I can never live up to her level, but I will deafinitely make her proud by living up to my own level. That's all she would ever ask of me. I have her every recipe. Family members have her recipes on paper, but what they don't have is the secrets she never wrote down, and that is something I'll never eliminate from my existence.

Having my grandmother's secrets always gives me a sense of closeness with her, a feeling of importance. Something that I will never allow anyone to take away from me. My grandmother always told me that one day I would be something. Something people could only WISH to be, and I never believed her. But I sit here in front of the computer, typing this, and emotions overwhelm me, as I realize she was right.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'm great. But what I am saying is that a lot of what I do, who I am, and what I will be, people would die to do, be, and become. And there's not a day go by that I take for granted that which I have been trusted with. I don't know what my future holds, but I do know that I will never forsake it, turn my back on it, or regret it.

I need to end this blog before I become a tear filled queen. lol