Gone Astray? or Found My Way?


Posted by Philip R. McDavid | Posted on 8:30 AM | Posted in

So yesterday the way my work schedule worked and my mom's church schedule worked, I had to drop her off at church and take the car home. When we got there, everyone ran out and was talking to me, which was nice, but there was a few things that kind of got to me. Not necessarily in a bad way, it's just, well, a few of the people brought out some people I didn't even know and I felt like I was the gay rebel witch on display for show and tell. So it got me to thinking last night about who I really am.

You know, for those with a Christian background, they would say that I have gone astray. But those who are in my shoes, or might be open minded, or who might understand a little better, they would say I've found my way.

I grew up as a christian, I grew up miserable. As I've stated in previous posts, I believe that there is no right or wrong religion. I believe that there is a right religion for each individual, and that not everyone is meant for the same thing. Who are we to say that being Baptist, or Protestant, or any other religion, is the right one?! Are we a higher power to be able to make this choice? You say, but the Bible says. Prove that the Bible is true! All you can do is tell me history. But you know what?! Wiccan has history too! Can you tell me that it is less true just because we don't have a Bible? Not every religion needs a Bible. To me, all the Bible is, is the book created for you to know how you're being judged. And the religions who have used that Bible, have turned it into being the book to which EVERYONE will use to judge you!

Throughout the past 4 months, I have made a lot of discoveries about myself. I have found my way when I was lost, I have made a lot of progressions, things that never happened while I was a "Christian". This tells me that the way of life for me is being Wiccan.

Some may never fully understand that, but that's okay. That just means that my way of life isn't meant for you. And that's okay, I certainly won't judge you on that. But will we ever get the "other side" of the world to understand this too?