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I chose that title, because this blog is totally inspired by "American Pie". I got to thinking today about what was so wrong with American Pie, besides it being pretty much completely straight themed. The answer? NOTHING! People just have a hard time accepting things they can't control, things they can't do, and things that christians have rated as private!

Sex is a common thing. It's normal! Who hasn't had sex, seen sex, or know what it is?! But I'm not only talking about things that are of sexual nature, but also things that aren't, such as, magick. Or as people call it, witchcraft.

I myself, am not only gay, but I'm also Wiccan, or your modern day witch. People don't believe magick is real but truth is, it is. It may not be the card and coin tricks you see in shows, but magick most certainly is real. I have seen and done many things in the 3 short months that I've actually been a solitary practicing Wiccan. So I personally have no issue talking about it, or believing in it. But if other people knew what I have seen and done?! They'd put me in a straight jacket.

One of my all time favorite movies always has been the Salem Witch Trials. That movie helped me to see what people are REALLY afraid of. It also helped me understand a lot of things about life. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend seeing it. I just bought it off of Target.com for like, $10 on DVD including shipping, and it only comes in widescreen, but that is one of the features of the movie that makes it so interesting. Normally I hate widescreen.

Anyway, why are people so afraid of magick? Why can't they accept that it exists? Why is sex something that is kept quiet? My personal opinion is this. I believe that man, while trying to feel dominant, created all these "rules" or preferences to try to control the world. For instance, back to witches, back when witches were burnt at the stake, did you know that most of the women who were being martyred were just women that could do what men could...such as the mid-wives? But there are male witches too....so why weren't men being hung and burned at the stake? Because it was just another way for men to feel dominant! That's my opinion! Take it or leave it!

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